Modern medicine continues to grow rapidly. Research brings new knowledge and newer technologies. Specialization has become norm. Being core of medicine pathology practice is evolving with addition of diagnostic tests based on modern technologies.

However competence of majority of people who manage these technologies is questionable. Due to shortage of qualified pathologists, most clinical pathologies were managed by technicians. Unlike qualified pathologists who study and receive training at least a decade in medical college and reputed hospitals, technicians are hardly trained for couple of years.

Due to ignorance of common people, incorrect interpretation of laws by people having vested interest and dependent nature of practice, real pathologist have remained at backseat. Their position is compromised due to technicians pretending to be pathologists, side labs run by clinicians and now corporates encroaching in their practice. The problem is complicated by some of our colleagues validating reports of technicians without supervising and attending technician labs.

Now we want to change by educating people and providing good administrative support to pathologists.


Our dedicated pathologists are eager to provide quality and affordable services. We want to use our knowledge and modern technology with management skills so that these services will reach everybody.


Early diagnosis easy cure”, We want to educate every Indian to important role of pathology in protection and promotion of health. We visualize healthy India with best support and service from team of our dedicated pathologists.


Quality, Dedication, ethics and modern technology.

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