Pathology is a basic and specialized branch of medicine which studies causes of diseases. It deals with structure and functions of organs in disease.
Dr lalani's article.
Pathologist is a postgraduate doctor who has studied around 10 years in medical college and reputed hospitals. They are trained to plan, perform and interpret pathological tests for effective treatment.
Preanalytical, analytical and postanalytical factors can lead to incorrect results. Good pathologist will control these and give you correct results.
Poor legal regulations, misinterpretations and legal loopholes have brought evils in this noble profession. In addition to imposters some of our colleagues indulge in malpractice. You will suffer by loosing health and money in their hands.However we have selected only those who are qualified, ethical pathologists having good infrastructure. They are dedicated to give best service at affordable cost. You will experience better care in their hands.
Dr patwardhan
Pathological tests are most important for diagnosis of diseases , to monitor treatment and course of diseases. 70% therapeutic decisions are dependant on pathological tests.
Only qualified patho has sound knowledge of tests, they are bound by medical ethics and results validated by them are accepted by medico legal purpose.
Correct interpretation is will lead to correct diagnosis. Interpretation of test results depends on physiological, pathological, geographical factors in addition to technology used to perform tests. Pathologist's contribution is important for this.
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